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A Joyful Life


Here's how I can help

THERAPY - online & in-person

Understanding and healing your pain

- Stop living in fear of your own wounding

- Break free from unhealthy dynamics in your marriage

- Develop a greater capacity for peace and joy

- I guide mamas to their deepest intuitions and help the weave a new life that feels authentic, expressed, rooted and clear.  

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You are a wise mama, who comes from a long line of strong, experienced survivors. Let's find that mama in you and awaken her to her full potential.

Motherhood is gut-wrenching, at times. You have learned the hard way that loving your child means pushing yourself to uncomfortable places.


You find yourself riddled with questions of doing it right: Am I damaging my child by letting them cry? Is my child old enough to learn this kind of limit setting? How do I parent when I fear I will regret any choice I make? And what do I do when I am reacting to my child in ways I don't want to?!

You want to know that what you're doing isn't harming yourself or your child! You are not alone in asking these questions, although it might feel like it. My services help you learn how to be with your full experience of being a mama and develop your intuition to KNOW that you are doing what's right for you and your family.